VIP Services® – A new way to troubleshoot

VIP Services® is a practical augmented reality app for Microsoft® tablets. Created by Wunderlich-Malec, it’s designed for engineers, technicians and operations as they go about their workday. VIP Services helps accomplish two major objectives faced by virtually all manufacturing and industrial personnel today: improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

VIP Services® was created to solve two major problems faced by virtually all manufacturing and industrial plants today:

Technicians and engineers lose valuable time when they need to leave the work area to find necessary resources such as schematics, procedures, contact info or other data for completing time-critical tasks.

In some cases, the time spent preparing to address a problem can be longer than the time needed to correct or fix the problem itself. When addressing multiple tasks, this prep time adds up very quickly and can drive a team’s efficiency down.

problem1Wasted time can be greatly reduced with VIP Services. It puts the right information in the right hands at the right time to do the work right.

VIP Services links the equipment on your factory floor to all relevant data and resources associated with that equipment. Specific and accurate information based on where you are is critical when getting a system back online or accomplishing a time-critical task.

Today, communication about production downtime issues with remote support personnel can be inefficient using traditional channels (email, phone), and resolution is often delayed until the senior resource can ‘see’ the issue for themselves.

increase-productivityWhether the issue is lack of training, inexperience or even language barriers, the need to make the correct decision can be delayed due to poor communication.

Productivity will improve with VIP Services. VIP is the perfect mobile app to help improve the speed and quality of communication, allowing quicker decision-making and more efficient production.


VIP Services® works on the Asset Tag concept for the plant floor.

    • An Asset Tag is printed for each configured piece of equipment and placed on or near the equipment or process that the Asset Tag represents.
    • On the plant floor, VIP Services® uses the tablet’s camera to scan the Asset Tags, and the configured information is instantly displayed on screen.