How to Download and Use VIP Services®


1. Download VIP Services

While on your Microsoft tablet, tap on the button below to be brought to VIP’s app page on the Microsoft Store. Tap on the Install button to begin the download and installation process.

2. Open VIP Services

Windows 10:

  1. From your desktop, tap on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen
  2. Scroll down in the left pane and tap on VIP Services
  3. Alternatively, use the search bar to the right of the Windows icon

3. Scan Your First Tag

With VIP Services now open, point your tablet’s camera at the Tag below:




By scanning these Tags, data views will be displayed. Tapping on the circles next to Temperature, Blisters, etc. will display the associated graph. The “i” in the lower right corner will change the view into the info view. This view is where schematics, BOMs, contact information and more can be held. In the opposite corner is a bookmark ribbon which will allow you to bookmark the Tag for easy access even when you aren’t near the physical Tag. Tapping on the x in the upper right corner will close the view.


If you are interested in learning more about the VIP Services platform, click on the button below to view a 5 minute walk-through of the app.

You can also reach out to the VIP Services team to learn more.