Features & Benefits



VIP Services® is designed for a single purpose: saving you time and money. By providing relevant data and resources based on the equipment you are working on, you can resolve downtime events faster through better and more efficient communication with support personnel.

Convert your plant floor into a data-rich environment
VIP Services® provides an augmented reality view of your process, showing where data and resources are linked to equipment. Maintenance staff and engineers don’t have to leave the work site to get the resources they need to do their job, so downtime problems can be addressed faster and more efficiently.

Process data anytime, anywhere
All you need is a VPN network connection (from your tablet to the VIP Services® Server) to view relevant data, schematics and resources—right at the equipment or process, in a meeting, during a casual hallway discussion or even at home.

Communicate more effectively between departments
Offsite technical resources can now see the problem happening instead of relying on a description from someone onsite. By using the VIP Services® built-in snapshot or screen recording feature, VIP Zip, you can create MP4 movies with video, data, resources, annotations and audio. These movies can be sent to offsite personnel so they can diagnose the problem without waiting to travel onsite.

Product Features:

VIP Real-Time: Live process data pulled directly from your HMI, SCADA, DCS or PLC can be viewed in real time by scanning an Asset Tag.

VIP On-Demand: Simply scan the Tag Code on the equipment or process desired, or select Tags from an on-screen menu to quickly view drawings, schematics, documents, and contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

VIP Zip: Video, data, resources, annotations and audio are recorded as screenshots or MP4 videos. These are sent to offsite support for quick analysis and resolution of the issue, often without waiting for an onsite evaluation.


VIP Audit: This software solution digitizes the manual process of filling out travelers, gathering instruction materials, and ensuring supervisor reviews have been completed.