How It Works


How VIP Services® Works

A VIP Services® contract features 4 major components:

1. Configuration Tool

Wunderlich-Malec’s VIP Core Team will be able to provide you custom configured Asset Tags via our VIP Services® Configuration Tool. We work hand-in-hand with you to provide the exact relevant piece of information per Tag. The key to a successful project is ensuring you get the greatest value out of each Asset Tag.

Asset Tag

With our customers’ guidance and support, we will define and configure all Asset Tags throughout the plant. Tags will be tied to equipment, machines, processes or work areas—virtually anything that can be characterized by data. Tags are identified by VIP Services® using QR codes mounted on or near the equipment or process they represent.


For each Tag, we can configure Data Views, which are links to live process data from your HMI, SCADA, DCS or PLC, through OPC or SQL. We can also configure a custom Info View, allowing you the ability to link to resources like documents, email addresses and URLs for your document server, intranet Work Order or Trouble Reporting System.

Once the customer defines the Tags, we will configure each Asset Tag for the system. These QR codes will act as a link to the Asset Tag for the VIP Services® Application. Once the Tags are tested and confirmed to display the correct data, the tags will be printed out. Then we place these Tags on the plant floor near the actual equipment or process the Asset Tag represents.

2. Server

The VIP Services® Server can be installed on an approved customer-provided server or can be provided independently by Wunderlich-Malec (via a VIP Blue Box).

The VIP Blue Box is a very small, yet fully integrated, industrially hardened system that you can keep for the duration of the VIP Service® Contract. It reads the Asset Tag Configuration database and serves the data to each VIP Services® App when requested, connecting to your process via OPC and ODBC.

3. Client Application

You can use the free VIP Services® Client App on your tablet to scan QR codes generated by the configuration utility, giving you live process data for any configured Asset Tag. It can display multiple Tags and associated live process data, charts, graphs and relevant documentation such as schematics, parts lists and manuals. Users can directly enter work orders or trouble reports into your local intranet systems right at the equipment or process site.

4. Contracts

  • Technical Engineering & Support
  • Asset Tag Creation & Support
  • Handheld VIP User Tablets
  • Asset Tag Installation and Maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and IT Installation & Support
  • Drawing Library Support & Migration
  • Hardware and Spare Parts Support
  • Application Support via 24/7 Call Center
  • New Project Support and Implementation

Easy Leasing Strategy 

Wunderlich-Malec wants to work closely with our customers. We feel that the VIP process should be easy to understand and afford. It’s our desire to work closely with you to understand what support you need and then provide a complete proposal that addresses all your needs. We will then request a 20 percent down payment and provide a monthly installment plan to recoup the other 80 percent. We feel that this approach creates a small monthly payment that most maintenance departments can absorb.

The VIP Process and Experience 

We’re committed to making VIP Services® the foundation of every relationship we establish in the industrial marketplace. Our success over the past 30 years has always come from ensuring our customers’ success first. The VIP Services® strategy will strengthen and support your efforts to save money and time when it comes to reducing unscheduled downtime and improving decision-making. That’s because it puts real-time data and relevant information right in the palm of your hand.