Who Can Use It?

Who can use it?

Plant Production Staff
Plant production staff use VIP Services® to efficiently communicate with offsite support and consultants about process issues. Rather than trying to explain the issue over the phone or via email, our patented holistic display and recording process captures video and audio of the problem, overlaid with live data, schematics and on-screen annotations. The user then simply emails or transfers the resulting VIP Zip file (MP4 video) to the support personnel for analysis and resolution.


Engineers use VIP Services® to monitor process data from anywhere they have a connection to the plant network using wireless or cellular connections.

Supervisors view process Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) right on their tablet. They can scan an Asset Tag on the production line or select it from a menu while at their desk or in a meeting.


Maintenance Staff
Maintenance staff use VIP Services® to pull up documentation, such as schematics and parts lists, and enter trouble reports or work orders for equipment in the plant.

Managers & Executives
Managers and executives can view a live video and audio feed on an HDTV in their office or conference room to review process issues without disturbing production.


OEMs implement VIP Services® as a comprehensive support tool for their equipment. Customers can more efficiently communicate issues and problems are resolved quickly.